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Local Construction and Masonry Company, Maya Construction 1 Inc.

Welcome to our blog! We—Maya Construction 1 Inc.—have more than 31 years serving our community with elite construction and masonry solutions. Now, it’s the perfect time to share our valuable knowledge with your through our blog. We are the local construction and masonry company in Dutchess County NY.

What is the Purpose of Our Blog?

Our blog is educational. We created it so that we can share our knowledge with you about construction and masonry.

As the leading local construction and masonry company, we offer our services to homeowners and business owners. We can help you with brick work, remodeling solutions (offices, homes), pressure washing, patio construction, stucco installation & restoration.

And our expertise is to beautify your home or business with elite masonry work.

Our Masonry Wonders Include:Maya Construction 1 Inc. offers Masonry Wonders

  • Driveways & Decorative Curbs
  • Fireplaces & Chimney Stacks
  • Pool Decking
  • Arches & Vaults
  • Stone/Concrete Patios
  • Decks, Terraces & Balconies
  • Brick, Stone & Concrete Walls
  • Pavers (With Fancy Patterns)
  • Custom Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs
  • Masonry Fire Pits
  • Custom Walkways and Paths
  • Masonry Furniture (Benches, Tables, Wall Seats, etc.)
  • Concrete/Stone Steps & Staircases
  • Water Features (Fountains, Ponds, Cascades, Waterfalls, Streams, etc.)
  • Retaining Walls

Why Are We a Trusted Local Construction and Masonry Company?

We have more than 3 decades in the building industry.

We follow all local and state building standards and regulations.

We are highly innovative and creative. And above all, we’re highly knowledgeable with the best building methods and techniques.

What Topics You Can Expect to Learn from the Blog of Maya Construction 1 Inc.?

You can become an expert about masonry and construction reading our blog. You’ll get ideas to transform the exterior look of your home or even your business premises.

Our upcoming blog posts will be on the following topics:Beautiful Home Exteriors Adorned with Stone Finish

  • Ideas to Build a Beautiful Stone Wall
  • Trendy Masonry Features
  • Brick Patio Design Ideas
  • Ideas for DIYers Using Brick, Stone, Concrete Blocks or Pavers
  • How Driveways Can Add to the Appeal of Your House
  • Beautiful Fireplace Design Ideas
  • Fancy Paver Patterns
  • How to Adorn Your Yard or Green Areas with Water Features
  • Benefits of Remodeling your Offices
  • Reasons Why Kitchen Remodeling is the Best Project
  • Ideas to Remodel Your Bathroom
  • Unique, Stylish Stucco Finishes

Indeed, we’ll discuss in our blog a great variety of topics. Keep reading it regularly to get the best from it.

As the leading local construction and masonry company, it’s a pleasure to be able to share our knowledge with you. We hope that you can walk with us through this learning journey!

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